A number of people have asked me about masks over the last couple of months, and whether I was going to start making them, but I have not been keen, as they may look pretty but I don't think homemade ones are all that useful. (By the way, does anyone else tend to find that if people know that you can sew, they assume you can just sew anything perfectly? I make quilts, I don't automatically know how to properly take up trousers - or make masks!)  I am quite certain that there are many talented sewers out there who can make clever masks with filters and a perfect fit etc. that are of a reasonable standard of protection, but I do not consider myself one of them. I am also, like most other Mum's around the country, trying to get 3 children through lock down, schooling, emotional ups and downs and all, so I have barely had time to sew, and what little time I have had has been spent trying to complete projects that have a deadline. However, although the guidelines are constantly changing, and I don't know what is going to come next, there is definitely a chance that we may be asked to wear masks at some point as things slowly start to open again, and my husband has been gently suggesting that I make some at least for us, in case we need to have them.

So, I watched a few tutorials, gave up on correctly printing a couple of pattern templates, and then plumped for the cheaters option - a kit to make 6 masks, ready to just cut and sew!  I bought mine from Sew Busy in Fleet, which is a lovely little shop that I have popped into several times when I've had to take my daughter to the Orthodontist. It definitely makes the trip much more enjoyable, so I recommend a stop should your child also be allocated an Orthodontist in Fleet ;-) They are obviously closed at the moment, but they are still posting orders. https://sew-busy.co.uk/?s=face+covering&post_type=product

These are technically just 'face coverings', as they definitely don't offer any major protection, but hopefully they will at least go some way to reducing the levels of whatever we breathe out onto others if we need to wear them. We have an assortment of nose/face sizes in our house, and they surprisingly fit quite well for all of us. My first one wasn't perfectly shaped, and I cut the elastic way too long, but it was actually quite simple, so I'm confident that I can make a few tweaks and whizz the rest up with no trouble now - I just need more time as always!

Aside from the mask kits, I have still been beavering away at my paper piecing project in the evenings, and I have been rummaging through my unfinished project pile, to see what I could (and should) get finished when I get an opportunity. I've also got a few quilt patterns that I have been dying to try though, so there is every chance that I will start something new as well...I just can't resist! :-)