I cannot believe that a whole week has whizzed by since I launched this blog, and I had so many grand plans which, as usual, I have not managed to bring to pass. Oh well, tomorrow is a new week, so maybe this will be the one that I spring into action and become really productive...

Actually, I really have done a fair bit of sewing this week, but mostly on a project that will be a gift, so it will have to remain top secret for now. It has involved some paper piecing though, which is great for keeping me busy in the evenings whilst I watch something on the tv. Ooh and on that note, has anyone else been watching the Great British Sewing Bee at the moment? I don't do dressmaking at all really, but I still love the show, and it always puts me in the mood for sewing again :-)

I have also been attempting to bring a little bit more order to my sewing room, as my stash seems to be spilling over into every available space! I seem to be stuck on a cycle of tidying it all nicely, but then the minute I start another project, I need materials from all different places, and it gets all messed up again. I do not know how people manage to be creative and tidy at the same time!? I do not have the most practical of storage options either, but I love my dresser and table, so I continue to work with what I have, and any excess stash goes in boxes under and between things. My latest addition is a wall mounted thread holder, which I am really pleased with as I've been meaning to get one for ages. I clearly didn't get a big enough one though, as I filled it straight away and still have a few left over, so I might have to add another one at some point. I've taken a few photos so you can have a little peek at my work area, but I have missed out the REALLY untidy corner that I haven't got to yet ;-)

My lovely dresser, of course with a rainbow included in buttons and yarn :-) 
My untidy work space, with everything I use regularly around me, and my handy extra folding table which I use for cutting out and for when I am quilting a larger quilt. 
The plastic drawers are sort of organised into different sized pre cut fabric, so I can just grab a drawer and know that I have all 2.5 inch strips, or 5 inch squares etc. (ignore the fabric still waiting to be sorted!)