I have finally found a little bit of my mojo, and I have clocked up quite a few sewing hours this week, which feels really good! An awful lot of that sewing has been hand sewing, so I decided I needed to change things up a bit and do something a bit lighter. I had a bit of a rummage, and came across some papers that I bought a while back that make a crazy/scrappy quilt, and they were just the sort of thing I was looking for.

There are 42 x 10 inch square papers in each pack, and they are designed to use with a layer cake, which also usually has 42 x 10 inch squares. They have a light adhesive on the bottom side, and you simply iron 1 paper to each layer cake square, and you have a built in template. Each section is clearly numbered and marked to make sure you make the right cuts, and there is a guide to make sure you sew them back together correctly too. With the clear instructions, and the fact that you don't need to match seams when you assemble the finished blocks, I think these would be perfect for beginner quilters to have a go with, and I'd definitely recommend them! I think the worst bit was the ironing as it's hot and muggy at the moment, but then again, I am never a big fan of ironing in any weather.  (when I actually got the ironing board out today, my cheeky daughter said "oh I forgot we had one of those")

One stack of gorgeous fabric squares, and one stack of papers, ready for a crazy quilt
Clearly labelled, making them almost foolproof for beginners and tired Mama's ;-) 
Don't forget to mix up the numbered sections and choose 5 different pieces - I nearly forgot to do that, doh! 
An almost perfect guide to sewing the pieces back together, but it is really bothering me that they missed out the 'u' in Fourth...
The paper peels off very easily, and it hasn't left any residue on the fabric at all. Such a fun and easy way to make quilt blocks :-) 

I bought my papers from America, but I have now spotted that you can get them over here, so I'll pop the link below for anyone interested.  Also, for all my local friends, Purple Stitches is going to be open again on the 19th and 20th June, from 10:00 - 4:00, so do pop in and say hi, and of course browse the beautiful fabrics! Having to close up shop for 3 months is really hard for any business to bear, but it's even tougher on the smaller ones, so there has never been a better time to remember to 'use it or lose it!'

Get the crazy quilt papers here - https://www.sewhot.co.uk/product/crazy-quilt-paper-10-inch-by-bee-in-my-bonnet/

Purple stitches website - https://www.purple-stitches.com