Photography is not one of my skills unfortunately, and nor do I have a lush garden to set the scene thanks to my son and his football, but I've taken a few snaps of the quilts we have at home that are well used and loved.  I've also rooted out a few pictures of quilts that have been given away, usually snapped on my phone quickly before they go to new homes, so again not the best shots. From now on, I will be asking my daughter to help me improve my camera skills when I finish a quilt!

This was my second finished bed size quilt, and as I had give the first one away, I kept this one. My free motion was improving, and this one is a sofa quilt in our lounge. 
I started making this one when my little boy was 3, and he asked for a rainbow quilt. I only finished quilting it when he was nearly 6!
My daughters quilt. She chose all the fabrics she liked, and the result is colourful and fun :-) 
Rainbow cushion for our bedroom, and there's another waiting to be finished so I have a pair. 
Rainbows again...I loved this bunting quilt! 
2 quilts for 2 special little girls
More rainbows...
Crazy colours string quilt. 
Pinwheels are my favourite!
I loved the colours in this one, but I tried to do a giant stipple in dark thread, and it wasn't to my liking.
My first bed sized quilt, and I free motion quilted it. I was pretty pleased with my first attempt! (my little girl in the photo is now a teenager!) 
Pretty pastels
My first attempt at a bag :-) 
A Christmassy quilt top, which is actually still waiting to be quilted
January Blues quilt 2021
Finished Christmas quilt 
Diamond quilt 2020
Giant heart quilt 2021
Rainbow wall hanging 2021
Bold stripes cushion 2021
Sweet mice baby quilt 2021
Rag quilt 2021
Heart cushion 2021