I am often asked if I sell my quilts, and the answer has until now been generally no. I rarely take on commissions, as I find it becomes very stressful working to deadlines and exact specifications, and quilting is very much my relaxation time and not a 'job', but I have occasionally taken on projects for friends and family. Quilting also requires a lot of different materials, and I find that most people are unaware of the costs involved, so I prefer to be honest upfront and avoid any awkward conversations! ;-)

However, if you would like to own a quilt, I do make far more quilts than we can possibly use in our house, and although some are given as gifts, some will also become available for re-homing. Every quilt is unique, handmade from scratch entirely by me and made with a lot of love! :-) My hubby has built me a small shop where I can list my creations, so you can have a peek at what is currently available here: shop.loveandlegacyquilts.uk